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This is the total number of cards you've added (including up to three copies of each one) out of the 60 cards required for a constructed deck.
This metric shows the composition of your deck, by alignment. Each alignment is divided into two portions. The darker one shows cards that have an ally power or loyalty effect, to show how helpful it is for your deck to have a significant percentage of that alignment.
Velocity shows how quickly you can play cards from your hand. 0-cost cards are very helpful. And you should try to have enough events or ambush champions to play on your opponent's turn.
This metric shows the various types of card draw abilities. This is obviously helpful, and very important in a high-velocity deck. Note that some of these are less reliable: you may not use a card's draw-2 option, recycle requires cards in your discard pile, and some card abilities may not end up triggering.
This metric shows both direct damage (which can target an opponent) and removal abilities (to break, banish or otherwise deal with champions).
This metric shows how many champions you have in the deck. Also, champions are divided by their offense stats, to give a sense of your overall attacking power.
This graph shows the prominence of the top card types in your deck. This can be useful when building a deck focused on one or more card types.